Excel-to-Oracle 1

Software to make MS Excel worksheets compatible with Oracle

The Excel-to-Oracle software program was designed to make sure that Excel files will work with Oracle. The program works by migrating MS Excel data to Oracle database.

The process of the Excel-to-Oracle program is to export the worksheet to Oracle and it automatically becomes a table. Each cell on the worksheet will appear as a record entry and every cell will appear as a field entry on the Oracle program.

The program is not limited to only one version of MS Excel. It will support any version of MS Excel so you are not limited to only one variety.

The Excel-to-Oracle has a lot of features that will make working on Oracle easy and efficient. The program supports command line support as well.

Aside from converting individual worksheets, it can also convert CSV or files that are in Comma Separated Values to the Oracle table. The Excel-to-Oracle has an easy to understand wizard styled user interface to make it straightforward for each user.